Q: Who are you?

A: I am me – but I’m sure you saw that coming, right? I am a 30-something year-old woman living in the Seattle area of Washington. The State, not D.C. – why do people always ask that? (If I’d meant D.C. I’d have said D.C.! </peeve>)

Q: Who is “Cat-Man”?

A: “Cat-Man” is how I refer to my boyfriend here. I currently choose not to disclose our true identities publicly. Since I’m guessing your next question will by why “Cat-Man”: It’s due to extreme love of fish. He loves fish so much that I am certain he’d eat it for nearly every meal, if I cooked it for him. He reminds me of Miss Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire and her using a class trip as an excuse to go to the human world because they have the best fish. Whenever he starts lusting after a piece of fish, I call him Cat.

Q: Why “Misa Soup”?  Don’t you know the word is MISO?1!?

A: Sure the word is Miso, if you’re talking about the delicious Japanese soup – however, I am not. Misa (pronounced: Mee-suh) is one of the many childhood nicknames my mother gave to me. Others include “Mo”, “Punkin”, “Punk”, “Kiddo” and “Boo”. There are more, but some things just don’t need to be put on the internet. 🙂

Q: What’s with all the weird nicknames your mother called you as a child?

A: I’m not entirely certain why she called me so many different ones, but she had a habit of calling me one nickname and then later shortening it. “Mo” is short for Molasses, which was a reference to the saying “As slow as molasses running uphill in January”. A nod to my speed at doing things.  “Punkin” (a cutesy form of Pumpkin) was sometimes shortened to “Punk” and was not a reflection on my attitude, if you were wondering. “Boo” was short for “Boo Boo”, as she told me I used to call her Yogi. “Kiddo” is something she still calls me, and she used to call her youngest kid-sister that as well. Amusingly enough, if my Aunt and I are in the same room and mom says “Kiddo”, we’ll both say “What?”.

Mom also has a habit of calling various people/animals by my name. To date the most frequent have been: Her youngest sister, my little sister, one of her dogs. (A dog, really mom??)

Q: What made you choose the blog name “Bowl of Misa Soup”? This doesn’t look like a cooking blog!

A: As an avid Anime fan, I considered naming it “A Slice of Life”, but sadly that web address was already taken. I wanted something that conveyed a similar tone but was a little more personal. I’m also a big fan of puns, and I’m learning to enjoy cooking. Those thoughts jumbled around in my brain until Misa Soup came out! Oddly, MisaSoup was taken – hence the BowlofMisaSoup address.

Q: Why do you use </peeve> or </rant> or similar terms and what do they mean?

A: I used to be really fond of creating (hideous) websites by hand when I was younger, and I got used to the bits of code where you denote commands that control what something is or looks like. You would wrap your URL or text or whatever with tags such as <example>my text goes here</example> and the last bit of that means “end command”. So if I say </rant> that means the same thing as “End Rant”.

I’m sure I’ll add more to this page eventually. Drop me a line if there’s something you’re just dying to know!


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